Secure your infrastructure without compromising on innovation

Tech companies live under the constant threat of losing important data,

which can diminish competitive advantage and threaten revenue generation of an organisation

Technology sector flourishes with the help of early-adopted cultures that are designed to stimulate creativity and collaboration, but the total focus on innovation comes with a price tag.

Hi-tech stuff attracts hackers. Technology enables cutting-edge products but is also a source of vulnerabilities; an expanding attack surface becomes increasingly difficult to defend.

Challenges For Technology Sector

In the search for high-value targets, cybercriminals will seek out organizations whose poor security controls make them a weak link in the chain.

The Vulnerabilities that can arise in the software development can be lowered downif the software developer is capable enough and has complete knowledge of how to employ information security into it.

It is required by the developers to consider other security aspects from its start and it is a must to check out all the problems during the development of a software/ application.

Understanding and tackling the current legal & regulatory requirements.

Formulate the operations control framework to maintain the security and privacy of the highly secure information.

Best practices that software development organizations should focus upon

  • Protect the brand from cybercrime and hacking so that customers can trust upon it.
  • Before developing any software, it is required to understand the technology so that a developer can implement the security to ensure that the software is properly protected from security.
  • Ensure Compliance to security regulations and privacy.
  • Design, develop and deploy software with all the security features in it.
  • Must aware of the basics of software security.

What do we do?

At Appsecuri, our developers carry out the complete Risk analysis that represents how the security breach can affect the business. Our highly trained professionals help you understand where the security execution is absolutely essential.
Appsecuri help technologists focus on innovation by solving their
complex security challenges.


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  • Level-1 Testing with manual approach in addition to static/dynamic.
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