Penetration Testing

Deeper Analysis to uncover the hidden security gaps

Extremely powerful testing methodology, penetrates in your system

To analyze whether the important data of your organisation is really at risk

Penetration tests mimics a real-life example of an attacker targeting your sensitive data, the outcome of these tests are the result of what a real-world attacker would be able to achieve if it happens and not just that but how he would be able to achieve that, this is the best way of knowing whether your systems are actually secure.

While these tests do not cause any real problem to your systems, they help in clearly understanding the impact that a breach would have on the organization. Penetration tests can also help assess the organization’s monitoring and incident response capabilities. Finally, these assessments offer remediation advice to mitigate the risks from these attacks from every perspective.

Appsecuri Hybrid Approach to Pen Testing

Identifies application and business logic related vulnerabilities

All security test plans go beyond international standards such as OWASP and SANS and come with a clear picture of root findings, critical assessments and mitigation proposal.

The Systems that are fully automated for security have a large number of false positives and they tend to miss the vulnerabilities. But Appsecuri Built-in continuous scanner will ensure high detection rate with low false positives. Intelligent automation of testing by Appsecuri built-in continuous scanner combined with manual logic where Manual Application Security testing (MAST) – combines the power of Red Teaming.

The approach followed during Penetration Tests is the one where Appsecuri takes the role of an attacker, for example, a hacker attempting to access the systems. Our team uses the same kind of tools and techniques commonly used by attackers, which helps a real-life picture of an attempted attack. The penetration testing service applies a systematic approach to uncover vulnerabilities that leave your important assets at risk.


Penetration testing services

Appsecuri performs several types of penetration testing which includes

  • External Penetration testing
  • Web Application Assessments
  • Social Engineering
  • Internal Penetration testing
  • Mobile Application Assessments
  • Wireless Assessment

Advantages of Appsecuri Penetration Testing

  • With the help of Penetration testing, you can know if client software is manipulated to provide an access that is unauthorized.
  • Your organization’s reputation is built and the information assets are guarded with this test.
  • This helps in creating documentations that are technical so that the findings are preserved.
  • With this test, design flaws can be pointed and the application’s security is improved.
  • Mobile ApRecommendations are made as a result of the test in order to generate long-term improvements.plication Assessments.
  • High level and fact-based executive summary reports and risk analysis is done.
  • Productivity is improved by preventing downtime and with the help of tactical recommendations.
Penetration Testing from Appsecuri helps you strengthen your security for those
assets by pinpointing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations


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Request our free 24-Hour penetration test and get vulnerability report.

  • Evaluate skills before any type of engagement with Appsecuri.
  • Level-1 Testing with manual approach in addition to static/dynamic.
  • Get a clear picture of root findings with mitigations in the report.
  • 90% of the time we find unknown hidden critical/high vulnerabilities.