PCI DSS Security Audit

Compliance with Data Security Standards in Banking Industry

Increase controls over cardholder’s data

In order to stop fraud protecting the customer as well as the sellers from the hands of unscrupulous hackers

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) where all businesses that process, transmit or store payments card data are expected to implement this standard. As the technology changes and the card processing situations vary, this standard is in place in order to prevent cardholder data theft.

It applies to all sort of organizations, be it an individual or a company. Appsecuri’s PCI DSS solution helps you achieve your PCI compliance goals.

Appsecuri’s approach for the PCI DSS Audit

Appsecuri provides a framework which helps in developing a strong PCI DSS process involving the detection, prevention and taking
the appropriate reaction to security problems. Appsecuri finds all the points which need adherence to particular standards. We follow the 3 phase Approach to meet the client’s needs


Services provided by Appsecuri for PCI DSS security audit

  • Vendor aware and education
  • Safety of card holder data over public network
  • Compliance checks
  • Implementation for creating secure payment solutions
  • Authorized and Unauthorized Access Points Detection
  • Internal and External Vulnerability scans
  • Configuration Reviews
Appsecuri security experts provide an efficient review so that you can focus on your
business tasks and we tend to focus on its compliance


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Request our free 24-Hour penetration test and get vulnerability report.

  • Evaluate skills before any type of engagement with Appsecuri.
  • Level-1 Testing with manual approach in addition to static/dynamic.
  • Get a clear picture of root findings with mitigations in the report.
  • 90% of the time we find unknown hidden critical/high vulnerabilities.