Managed Security

Minimize the impact of a cyber attack with 24x7 monitoring by our experts

We excel in meeting the budget demands,

Fighting new threat or improving compliance and security efficiency of your organization with our Managed Security Services

Managed security relieves the organizations of many critical tasks and hands over their responsibility to experts allowing the organization to focus on other more important core business processes.

The advances in technology increase the need to keep your data and system protected, therefore making it mandatory to keep the systems monitors, audits, disaster management etc. Managed Security takes charge of all this by conducting penetration testing and other methodologies. Managed Security also makes sure that compliance adherence is confirmed continuously.

Managed Security Services

  • Database security testing
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Data security
  • Website malware removal

Extend Your Team With Experts from Appsecuri

Leverage the power of Managed Security Services for continual threat monitoring and customized guidance 24/7. Appsecuri experts are here to

  • Effectively monitor the security of your environment
  • Quickly identify, analyze and respond to potential security threats
  • Improve your security efficiently and effectively
  • Achieve greater visibility and accurate reporting
  • Get personalized service within your security environment
Appsecuri Managed Security takes charge of the perimeters and firewalls of the networks,
assesses vulnerabilities by conducting penetration testing





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Request our free 24-Hour penetration test and get vulnerability report.

  • Evaluate skills before any type of engagement with Appsecuri.
  • Level-1 Testing with manual approach in addition to static/dynamic.
  • Get a clear picture of root findings with mitigations in the report.
  • 90% of the time we find unknown hidden critical/high vulnerabilities.