Education sector ranks very high in the list of targets for cyber-attacks

As attacks become increasingly targeted and well funded

Many educational organizations struggle to adequately protect themselves; this is where Appsecuri steps in.

Education Sector holds huge database and Personal Identifiable Information (PII). The security in the education sector is important as the hackers can misuse information collected by the institutes. The database comprises of:

  • Student’s personal data such as email, address, contact number and financial information etc.
  • Admission Details
  • Examination Details
  • Administration Details
  • Institute’s Employee Details
  • Financial Data of Institute

Why are educational institutions at risk?

  • Lack of IT security policy monitoring and implementation.
  • Users carrying and using their personal devices within institution’s network.
  • Open Wi-Fi hotspots and network access.
  • The numerous amount of user information, which can be easily compromised, attracts the cyber criminals. These range from students’ personal information, credit card data or financial aid records.

Cyber security challenges faced by the education sector include

  • Protecting the huge IT infrastructures
  • Balancing conflicts between academic openness and information security
  • With the rise in cyber-espionage and DDoS attacks a demand of mitigating those increases
  • PCI-DSS and other data security standards are not as easy to comply with
  • Overcoming a lack of security skills and resources

What do we do?

Appsecuri helps the universities, colleges, and schools to understand and address problems in their cyber security as well as proactively detect and remediate threats when they occur.
Appsecuri’s cost-effective managed cyber-security services
support a quick and hassle-free compliance.


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