• Automatic Machine Learning Crawlers

    look for latest Vulnerabilities, exploits and payloads

    We are a group of very talented security analysts who found unknown vulnerabilities in Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others. We perform manual vulnerability tests in addition to static/dynamic to find logic vulnerabilities and we do it economically using resources from around the globe. We do vulnerability scanning as per OWASP 10, SANS Top 25 and WASC standards.

    Vulnerability found in $1B Fintech Platform

    Found 500+ unknown critical and 1000+ high

    Saved national Insurance company from Login Bypass

  • After receiving a tip from Appsecuri, FiveThirtyEight has confirmed that two states, Alabama and Nevada, had vulnerabilities that left them open to potential compromises.

    Clare Malone | Senior Political Writer

    Appsecuri Reported Election Sites Risks

    US State Elections

    Not every election hack is a blockbuster — but even small-scale attacks on states’ cyber infrastructure have the potential for catastrophic effects. Appsecuri approached FiveThirtyEight and gave information about potential flaws on several states’ websites that would allow for information to be tampered with.

Appsecuri and its features

Machine Learning and Human Intelligence

Combining ML with Human Intelligence is the ultimate solution for cyber security.

Low False Positives and High Detection Rate

Enterprise and Effective Security with minimal false positives and high detection rate.

Cyber Emergency Response Team

If breach has happened, Appsecuri-CERT helps you to back your services within hours.

Productized Tech Into Appsecuri BCS

Multi-site scanning and automatic load-balancing of multiple application and network scans.

Crazy team

Appsecuri has helped many leading companies including Fortune 500 companies in securing their applications. All the researchers are CREST, OSCP, OSCE, GIAC certified.

Vulnerabilities Found

Million Dollar Saved

Projects Completed

Appsecuri Hybrid Security Structure


Reasons to choose Appsecuri

Manual testing to find logic and authentication issues in addition to standard static/dynamic testing.

Multi Threaded continuous scanner always crawling for latest and hidden vulnerabilities.

Chain and Test vulnerabilities together to see if that escalates the severity, as hackers would do.

Intelligent automation of testing and Utilize Advanced Algorithms with more than 1000+ test cases.

Free 24-hour pen test to evaluate our skills and find how effective our methods are from others.

Combine black box and white hat, emulating malicious hackers to discover hidden vulnerabilities.

Compliance verification testing for OWASP verification standards of mobile, web and cloud.

Test vulnerabilities with various payloads to determine the maximum & true severity level.

Manually review all findings to no false positives and ensure all vulnerabilities have mitigations.

Trusted by top companies

Don't just take our word for it, read below to see what our clients have to say
about our unique approach and skills.

  • We are impressed with the Appsecuri’s ability to discover unknown hidden vulnerabilities across the network and cloud. We are convinced that Appsecuri is the best choice for our needs. The findings from Appsecuri security team are impressive especially when the application underwent testing many times in the past. We consider Appsecuri as an extension of our team.

    Billion Dollar Fintech CompanyVP of Information Technology
  • Appsecuri is an integral partner in our security strategy. They are the best security company I have ever worked with, they are friendly and approachable. Their comprehensive report clearly mentioned all the recommendations with clear snapshots. Appsecuri was highly sensitive while handling our case and it was executed perfectly. Appsecuri has gone above and beyond our expectations.

    Largest Russian BankCISO
  • I would like to appreciate the efforts made by Appsecuri team in carrying out security audit for us to meet our overall objectives. We have found the reporting of Appsecuri Scanner in much explained way that helped us to fix the bugs on our side. Your personal commitment to us and the customer service you provide has been more than we expected. Appsecuri will continue to remain a vital member of our team.

    National Insurance CompanyChief Technology Officer

Here you'll find all the latest industry news and research by the experts at Appsecuri.

Stay Tuned.

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Critical/High Severity Vulnerabilities Found In $1B Fintech Company

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Does Static/Dynamic Testing Identify All App Vulnerabilities?

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Request our free 24-Hour penetration test and get vulnerability report.

  • Evaluate skills before any type of engagement with Appsecuri.
  • Level-1 Testing with manual approach in addition to static/dynamic.
  • Get a clear picture of root findings with mitigations in the report.
  • 90% of the time we find unknown hidden critical/high vulnerabilities.